Blue and more: In the realm of ink

“A drop of ink may make a million think,” as Lord Byron knew. And today too, as tweets rather than the handwritten word move the masses, a pen and ink evoke a particular fascination.

It rests on the paper like a polished gem. A gleaming drop of ink, deep blue and tightly stretched. Only gradually is its shape transformed, the clear contour yielding to washy outlines. Second by second the drop merges into the paper, before petering out completely.

The symbiosis of ink and paper has a poetry of its own. Anyone who writes with a fountain pen is familiar with that particular short moment when the ink, still slightly wet, changes from glossy to matt before obtaining its final colour. A tiny, inconspicuous moment that requires special attentiveness.

Writing with a fountain pen and ink – a rediscovered ritual.

This applies all the more at a time that is characterised by efficiency and speed. The act of writing by hand eludes the laws of the digital age – and more and more people discover slowness anew. Not only lettering, the artistic drawing of letters, has been trendy for several years. Writing a diary and the creative designing of handwritten lists, referred to as “journalling”, have also become an important ritual again for many.

This development is mirrored in an increasing demand for fountain pens and ink. But not only classical nuances are in demand in this context.

There is also a growing desire to emphasise the individuality of one’s own handwriting by means of exceptional ink colours. “Colourful inks are much more sought after today than some years ago,” says Managing Director Thomas Trapp.

This is why Lamy creates limited special colours every year in addition to the standard colours of blue, black, green, purple, turquoise and red – in line with the Special Editions of LAMY safari and LAMY AL-star. “At the end of this year we are also introducing an ink collection with ten new colours,” reveals Trapp. Muted and neutral colours form an integral part of the collection, as do radiant colours in a special glass flacon.

Discover our ink collection

The new ink collection, like the previous standard colours, is produced entirely in-house and in accordance with a special formula developed by Lamy. “It is crucial for us to be independent, especially of external suppliers,” says Trapp. “In this way we ensure that we can provide reliable delivery, and we also retain full control over the quality of our products.”

The fascination for ink can be experienced in a special way in the new Lamy store in New York. Here, the aesthetics of ink unfold on metre-high fabric panels and large-format screens: its fluid, constantly transforming shape, the iridescent play of colours, a dance of molecules – powerful and light at the same time.