Taking responsibility – shaping the future.

What we do today determines how the world looks tomorrow.

Sustainability is always a core value at Lamy. It forms the basic principles of the company strategy we live by – for people and products, environment and society.

Two areas of sustainability.

Sustainability plays a significant role in all company activities at Lamy and represents a clear responsibility for the continuous further development of an economic, ecological and social foundation. Economic efficiency under ecologically justifiable manufacturing conditions and socially supportive and equitable activities – all inseparably intertwined.

Economic and ecological responsibility

Physical as well as visual development and manufacturing of classic products with exceptionally long lifespans – that is our company focus. Here, the standards for future-oriented action are set by resource-friendly and energy-efficient manufacturing with short supply chains for ecologically sustainable business.

Social responsibility

Lamy writing instruments are thinking tools – they help people all over the world to develop in a holistic way. As a mid-sized family company, targeted investments in educational projects and a wide range of social commitment are indispensable components of corporate action – as are fair par tnerships and socially-just activities on all levels: with employees, customers and suppliers.

Economically efficient, ecologically sound.

Quality. Made in Germany.

  • High-precision manufacturing + highest level quality materialsBest processing quality
  • Exceptionally long lifespan
  • Proven quality management according to DIN ISO 9001:2015
  • Majority of work with German suppliers
  • Repair service



  • Timeless, not trendy or decorative
  • Longest possible physical and visual longevity


Product development.

  • Mindful use of resources
  • Regular evaluation of applicability of recycled materials


Product manufacturing.

  • Production, research and development: all in one place
  • More than 95 % of in-house production at sole site in Heidelberg
  • Long-term investments in in-house manufacturing
  • Shortest possible delivery routes via regional suppliers
  • In-house recycling

Product marketing.

  • Packaging contains no adhesives and uses a large amount of recycled paper
  • All displays for product presentation are “Made in Germany”
  • Printed material is certified and made in collaboration with regional suppliers


Product delivery.

  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Cardboard filling material made from recyclable paper


Energy consumption.

  • Use of renewable energy sources
  • Use of electrical injection moulding equipment
  • Use of heat generated by production processes



  • Roof greening and sculpture garden
  • Beehives on company premises


Generated waste material.

  • Sorted recycling

Socially supportive and equitable.


  • Secure jobs and minimal employee turnover
  • Performance bonuses
  • Job tickets
  • Employee discount for Lamy products (employee flea market)
  • Training in employee’s own training workshop
  • Employee’s own canteen: “Lamyteria”
  • Training leave programme
  • Health programme: physical wellness activities offered during breaks, e-Bike promotion



  • Cultivation of long-standing partnerships with customers and suppliers
  • Allocation of assembly work to sheltered workshops
  • Loyalty to specialist shops


  • Instructional material and interactive activities for schools
  • Promotion of the learning and maintaining of handwriting


Company culture.

  • Independent German medium-sized family company
  • Clear long-term commitment to company headquarters and manufacturing site in Heidelberg
  • Employee integration
  • Improvement suggestions by employees
  • Focus on stable growth