Writing instruments from Lamy are created in cooperation with internationally renowned designers and design studios.

The typical Lamy design always remains in place and clearly recognisable here – thanks to the proven design principles of the brand, which are based on consistent symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality.



This means that writing instruments are created, which time and again interpret the distinctive Lamy design in a new and individual way.

Eric Degenhardt

Eric Degenhardt studied Architecture at the RWTH Aachen. Taking his idea of space and architecture, it was a logical step to move further from the big towards the smaller scale. He switched his focus towards furniture and industrial design - after spending a time in London. Since setting up his studio he has developed furniture, electronical products and architectonical spaces for international clients.

Mario Bellini

Mario Bellini’s work is characterised by precision and straight lines. He is one of the most distinguished Italian designers of the last 30 years.

sieger design

sieger design is a full service provider for design and consultation situated under the baroque rooftops of a moated castle in Germany's Münsterland.


Gernot Bohmann, Harald Gründl and Martin Bergmann got to know each other at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. They set up their EOOS studio in 1995.

Knud Holscher

Shortly after completing his degree in architecture, the Danish native born in Rødby in 1930 won his first architectural competitions. And today the list of his award-winning buildings is as long as that of his many prize-winning designs.

Richard Sapper

He began his career as a designer right at the very top of things: at Mercedes Benz. At the same time, however, with a rather modest project: the design of the exterior mirrors for the legendary 300 SL roadster.

Hannes Wettstein

Hannes Wettstein was born in 1958 in Ascona, Switzerland; he was active in the fields of design, corporate design, room design and architecture.

Phönix Product Design / Andreas Haug

Andreas Haug was born in Heidenheim in 1946. He started his career as a trainee in the commercial and technical areas of Daimler Benz.

Wolfgang Fabian

Wolfgang Fabian was born in 1943 and was a qualified goldsmith before studying industrial design.

Gerd A. Müller

Gerd A. Müller was born in 1932; he studied at the Werkkunstschule Wiesbaden before working as a designer at Braun AG from 1955 to 1960.

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