Backpacking through Thailand

by Luise Morgeneyer,
“I had no great expectations. Thailand had never really attracted me – everybody seemed to go there. But I was surprised. By its nature, the people and, above all, the sunsets ...”

“I had handed in my dissertation just twelve hours ago. Now all I had to do was pack my backpack, get to the airport and fly away! After a 10 hour flight, I arrived in Bangkok – ready to start life as a backpacker. Sleep? Overrated. After another eight hours on a bus and two hours on a ferry, I was finally able to give my friend Lea a big hug on Koh Tao. Our trip finally took us to the island of Koh Phi Phi, which lots of other backpackers had recommended. We went kayaking, visited the Tiger Cave Temple (absolute must!), filled our stomachs at the night market and travelled from island to island on small fishing boats.


Today, I’m sitting at my desk feeling absolutely great making a record of these memories. I’ve decided to make a book of each of my trips in which I not only write everything down but also stick everything possible into. I love it when a notebook is initially lovely and flat and then later is absolutely bursting at the seams and looks completely different. When I read them today, I’m reminded of situations that I’d almost forgotten – and for a moment, I’m back on holiday.”

Photography: Vanessa Thiel