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Heidelberg, 8. February 2008. Dr. Manfred Lamy was awarded the Designer Personality of the Republic of Germay Prize for his life’s work. Special merits around the design, his entrepreneurship as proprietor and long service Managing Director of C. Josef Lamy Ltd., Heidelberg and member of numerous design institutions as well as his pioneering spirit, distinguished Dr. Manfred Lamy in the eyes of the renowned jury. The tribute was conducted by the Federal Economic Minister, Michael Glos. The Council for Styling was invited.

Dr. Manfred Lamy is not a designer, but most definitely a patron for design. In addition he is an enterpriser, who after having completed his studies and joined his father’s company in 1962 as advertising manager for the promotion of political economics in marketing, one who up until today avows to his german location but, however, thinks internationally. Dr. Lamy established the foundation stone for today’s multiply distinctive Lamy Design, the C. Josef Lamy Ltd. of the postwar period, then it came at a time of change. Examples for him were, at the time, the companies of Braun and Olivetti, they started to give production a distinctive look. Dr. Lamy commissioned studies on the topic of design, but was not impressed by the immense theoretical results. The solution came with the designer, Gerd A. Müller, who had already worked for Braun and who became a partner of the young enterpriser Manfred Lamy.

Together, they developed the LAMY 2000, from which Dr. Lamy still proudly and admiringly speaks of today as the “Milestone in the company’s history”. The LAMY 2000 was an absolute design innovation – the combination of matt-cut stainless steel and makrolon (plastic) didn’t exist until then. The new cigar form of the LAMY 2000 was not only beautiful, and it’s surface feel convincing, but each design detail of the writing utensil promised its user an innovation benefit. Lamy presented the first writing utensil in a modern design, which has managed to advance as a classic until today. The series was extended, new ones came out and Manfred Lamy followed his success strategy during the period of 1974 until 2006 as Managing Director and until today, enterpriser for the international design brand of LAMY, together with a team of managers and international designers.

The basic values for the Lamy design were determined with the LAMY 2000: Each design element has to serve a functionable purpose and increase the practical value. According to the international style basic principle it should also be durable, beautiful and worth its price. Therefore, Lamy promises modern design for all who like to write by hand. A promise and concern, which in comparison to computers, PDAs and Mobile-SMS is more actual than ever.

Lamy Design has become part of the company’s philosophy, which reflects the architecture of the company location with its innovation studio in the heart of Heidelberg, but also comes to life in every document or brochure and packing which leaves the building. Dr. Manfred Lamy has already been given awards for his design expertise, pionneering spirit and his work as ambassador for design – now too for his life’s work.

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About Lamy
The LAMY brand stands for high-quality designer writing instruments defined by their timeless modern aesthetics and perfect functionality. Its success story began over 50 years ago with the LAMY 2000: in 1966, the model established the clear and unmistakeable design which still defines the style of all the brand’s products today – the Lamy design. As an independent family business, Lamy has been associated with Heidelberg since it was first founded in 1930 and therefore guarantees consistent high quality, “Made in Germany”. With an annual production of over 8 million writing instruments and turnover of more than 110 million euros in 2016, Lamy today is not only the market leader in Germany but has developed to become an internationally sought-after brand. The company continues to set trends, not just through its annual special editions and has inspired writing enthusiasts around the world with its innovative colours and surface finishes. In this way, Lamy continues to reinvent itself and proves that a writing instrument is more than just an everyday object: it is a genuine lifestyle accessory which expresses the pleasures of writing by hand and highlights the individuality of the owner.

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