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  1. Lamy Design – The work of a lifetime

    Heidelberg, 8. February 2008. › learn more

  2. LAMY lime – the lemon fresh LAMY safari model of the year

    Heidelberg, March 2008. Whet’s one appetite to write by hand: The new LAMY lime is the current model of the year from the LAMY safari product line. › learn more

  3. LAMY noto – Easy to write

    Heidelberg, January 2008. The designer, Naoto Fukasawa created the LAMY noto. › learn more

  4. LAMY AL-star: Two special models in new colour versions

    Heidelberg, may 2008. Lamy will be impressing youngsters and young adults this summer with two new colour versions of the LAMY AL-star. › learn more

  5. LAMY nexx The new fountain pen for the adults of tomorrow

    The LAMY nexx is new. With its unique concept, the fountain pen combines outstanding production features with modern design. › learn more

  6. LAMY studio rubinblack A Christmas gift for trend-conscious individualists

    Heidelberg, July 2008. The new LAMY studio rubinblack is the perfect writing instrument for all trend-conscious individualists. › learn more

  7. Award-winning LAMY

    Lamy received the Good Design Award once again in 2008, meaning that Lamy has now won more awards than any other manufacturer of writing instruments. › learn more

  8. LAMY safari pink limited edition The summer holidays will be pink

    This year’s summer holidays will go with a swing in pink. Young girls would like to have simply everything in their favourite colour. › learn more

  9. A shimmering highlight for the festive season: the new LAMY studio platinum grey.

    In good time for the important year-end business season, Lamy is surprising the friends of exceptional writing instruments with the LAMY studio in an elegant, anthracite-grey metallic-lacquered version. › learn more

  10. Sense and sensibility: the new LAMY swift rubinblack

    Heidelberg, autumn 2009. With a special edition of the LAMY swift in fine metallic brown, Lamy shows how sensuous modern writing technology can be. › learn more

  11. The titan among Lamy writing instruments: the new LAMY 2000 titanium

    Heidelberg, autumn 2009. To the delight of many design purists, Lamy is expanding its most prominent series of writing instruments with the addition of a ballpoint pen made of pure, solid titanium. › learn more

  12. The first of its kind: LAMY dialog 3

    In its series of solitary writing instruments from the hand of leading designers, Lamy, the Heidelberg-based manufacturer of writing instruments, is introducing the LAMY dialog 3, created by Franco Clivio – the first fountain pen on which the nib and clip are retractable. › learn more

  13. Another award for LAMY

    No other manufacturer of writing instruments has received the Good Design Award as many times as Lamy. The traditional brand from Heidelberg wins the 2009 award for the LAMY dialog 3. › learn more

  14. Prize of prizes for the LAMY noto

    After receiving numerous national and international design awards the LAMY noto now wins the ‘Design Oscar’: the Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany 2010. › learn more

  15. New: LAMY safari white – The cool colour is back!

    In the car industry, in electrical appliances, for fashion and accessories – trend-conscious people now confirm that white is the new black. And it’s no wonder either, since white symbolises clarity, purity, simplicity and intelligence. › learn more

  16. The new LAMY studio Pt: Timeless perfection in platinum

    LAMY adds another chapter to the success story: the LAMY studio has won several prominent design awards, and now Lamy is adding the top-quality LAMY studio Pt to the series. › learn more

  17. Cool elegance meets extravagance: the new LAMY studio violet.

    Anyone who likes to write as unconventionally as they think will be impressed by the new LAMY studio in metallic violet. The completely unusual writing instrument is now available as a limited edition. › learn more

  18. LAMY design – a philosophy

    Design. Made in Germany. › learn more

  19. LAMY econ New design highlight from Lamy

    Heidelberg, March 2011. With its new LAMY econ product series, Lamy once again proves that design and functionality go hand in hand for the family firm in Heidelberg. › learn more

  20. The LAMY scala:
    Pure Functionality in Archetypal Form

    Lamy and sieger design have successfully created a completely new interpretation of the classic fountain pen: The new LAMY scala series. › learn more

  21. The Colour of Spring:
    The new LAMY safari green

    Heidelberg, April 2012. Fresh energy for school and university: The new LAMY safari green will be available right on time for the beginning of spring – featuring a deep green colour and unique design. › learn more

  22. LAMY 2000 – the All-metal Innovative Classic

    Heidelberg, July 2012. It is the classic among design writing instruments and the foundation of the success story of an entire company – the LAMY 2000. › learn more

  23. LAMY studio royalred – Classic Design with a Royal Touch

    Heidelberg, July 2012. Elegant royal red meets distinctive form: The special edition LAMY studio royalred unites timeless design with graceful finesse. › learn more

  24. Lamy named Brand of the Century Heidelberg manufacturer of writing instruments receives German Standards Brand Award.

    Lamy is synonymous with design and quality made in Germany. As one of the most significant brands in Germany, the Heidelberg manufacturer of writing instruments was honoured with the German Standards Brand Award in the Fountain Pens category and added to the compendium 'Brands of the Century – Lighthouses in the sea of brands' by a high-ranking jury. › learn more

  25. LAMY AL-star pearl – the perfect choice for the style-conscious

    Exquisite colours meet familiar, modern form – the popular classic LAMY AL-star will be presented in a new, limited edition in 2013. This new design for the aluminium-made LAMY AL-star pearl demonstrates that even a subtle appearance can be a statement on style in itself. › learn more

  26. LAMY AL-star black – Matt Black Elegance in a Limited Edition

    In a meeting, on the go or simply as a constant writing companion, cosmopolitan design-lovers know: A writing instrument should be more than just modern, it has to be functional as well. Its timeless design and matt black surface are what provide the LAMY AL-star black with a discreet elegance and a sense of distinctiveness. › learn more

  27. Feel the Vibe – LAMY safari neon

    This summer is going to glow - Lamy is dipping everyone’s favourite best-seller, the LAMY safari, in strong neon yellow. So for all you trend-setters out there: Feel the vibe! Not only when it comes to music or fashion, but also when writing with Lamy. › learn more

  28. Special edition for romantics:
    the LAMY scala piano black gift set.

    This September, Lamy will be revealing a surprise they hold in store: a special edition of the LAMY Scala series introduced in 2012. The elegant LAMY scala piano black fountain pen stands out through its polished, black gloss finish and the high-end presentation as a gift set includes an ink bottle and converter. › learn more

  29. Stylish Titanium for a Premium Writing Experience:
    The New LAMY scala Ti

    This October, the LAMY scala series will be complemented with a new titanium finish. The LAMY scala Ti unites the sensuous precision and formal simplicity of the series with the subtle elegance of titanium. › learn more

  30. LAMY 2000 Pen Set customized by Sir Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson goes under the hammer at (RED) AUCTION on November 23rd

    Two of the world’s foremost design pioneers, Sir Jonathan Ive, KBE, and Marc Newson, CBE, have collaborated with musician and philanthropist Bono to organize a (RED) Auction celebrating the very best of design and innovation. Jony and Marc have spent the past year and a half curating the collection, which comprises objects from disciplines as diverse as space travel and lighting design to contemporary art and rare automobiles, all unified and distinguished by their excellence and innovation. Proceeds from the 23 November 2013 sale at Sotheby’s New York will benefit The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. › learn more

  31. Customised LAMY 2000 pen set under the hammer at the (RED) auction in New York

    A LAMY 2000 pen set customised by Sir Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson sold for US$25,000 at the (RED) charity auction on 23rd November. The proceeds of the auction, conducted by renowned New York auction house Sotheby’s, will go to “The Global Fund” to help in the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. › learn more

  32. Double-digit growth and a strong partnership in retail:
    Lamy is lining up for 2014

    Following a successful 2013, Lamy's future is looking brighter than ever: Lamy is further expanding its pioneering role in the writing instruments market - and not just as a market leader in Germany, but also as a German design brand whose products hold a special position around the world. › learn more

  33. Cool and energetic freshness for writing:
    The new LAMY AL-star bluegreen Special Edition

    To start off the 2014 Spring/Summer season, Lamy has expanded its AL-star series with a new LAMY AL-star bluegreen Special Edition model: The writing utensil in vibrant bluegreen provides a cool and energetic writing sensation. › learn more

  34. Must-have with vibrancy: The New Special Edition LAMY safari neoncoral

    Lamy extends the popular LAMY safari range with a Special Edition: from April, LAMY safari neoncoral will turn writing instruments into stylish it-pieces with a colour creation you can't miss › learn more

  35. Style and demands redefined
    The LAMY accent Al individualises the writing experience with a new finish and two grip sections

    Lamy put an individual emphasis on high-quality writing: with the new LAMY accent Al. In an elegant aluminium look and with two interchangeable grip sections, this model perfectly reflects your personal style on any occasion. › learn more

  36. Glamorous Copper Meets Powerful Orange

    2015 marks the next round of the copper trend, this time going head-to-head with a fiery orange. To suit the occasion, Lamy is launching the popular AL-star series in the new special edition colour of copper orange. › learn more

  37. LAMY safari Gets the (neon) Green Light – the New Special Edition LAMY safari neonlime

    2015: all lights on neonlime. Going with the current trend in fashion Lamy is launching the popular LAMY safari series in trendy neonlime. This energy-charged colour creation might just make Lamy’s new special edition the statement of the season. › learn more

  38. A Strong Future: Lamy Continues On Successful Course

    At Lamy all signs are pointing to continued growth: In 2014, the writing instrument manufacturers from Heidelberg were able to strengthen and expand their market leadership – both nationally as well as internationally. The new year was also off to a good start: Lamy is planning extensive investments and will strengthen their position in the Premium Writing segment. In addition, the preparations for a big anniversary celebration are already underway – in 2016 the company will be celebrating "50 years of Lamy design". › learn more

  39. LAMY imporium: The New Characteristic Writing Instrument Series from Lamy

    The impressive new LAMY imporium features an exciting combination of strong design and powerful structure. This characteristic model adds yet another family of high-quality writing instruments to Lamy’s Premium assortment, uniting modern, functional design with a luxurious writing experience. › learn more

  40. An excellent year: prizes and awards for Lamy

    Every year, Lamy writing instruments win international design awards. This carried on in 2016 which saw a Red Dot Award and an iF Award for the high-quality LAMY imporium series. In addition, in the year of Lamy’s 50th design anniversary, the company and brand management received several special awards, including the golden German Brand Award in the “Office & Stationary” category. › learn more

  41. Lamy: breakthrough and change

    Lamy looks back on an eventful year. The “50 years of Lamy design” anniversary year not only marked a significant milestone in the company’s history but also the start of a new era. Using the slogan “not just a pen”, Lamy impressively documented its development into a global lifestyle brand. The company also has major plans for 2017 – including the launch of a new series of writing instruments designed by Jasper Morrison. › learn more

  42. not just a pen: Lamy celebrates “50 years of Lamy Design”

    One writing instrument is the same as the next? Lamy has spent the last 50 years demonstrating time and again what added value this small everyday object has to offer! Lamy has transformed this commonplace item into a lifestyle accessory thanks to its wide range of iconic models and annual special editions: the brand represents exceptional design, perfect functionality, individuality and the pleasures of writing by hand for writing enthusiasts around the globe. The motto in the 2016 anniversary year is “not just a pen” – and not without good reason! › learn more

  43. Edition “50 years”: LAMY scala glacier Exclusive special edition to mark the 50th anniversary of Lamy design

    The modern classic LAMY scala is now available in a unique “glacier” special edition, exclusively for this anniversary year. The anniversary edition is characterised by a sophisticated, metallic blue-grey tone and a matt finish. All of the writing instruments in the anniversary edition also feature an engraved “50” – a subtle indication of the exclusivity of this special series. › learn more

  44. Edition 50 years: LAMY 2000 M black amber – limited and numbered Limited and numbered special edition to mark the 50th anniversary of Lamy design

    In 1966, the LAMY 2000 marked the start of the era of unmistakeable Lamy design. With its distinctive, ostentatious form, it has become a role model for numerous other innovative designs by the brand and has remained a timeless classic as one of Lamy’s most successful series of writing instruments. 50 years after its introduction onto the market, the brand is now reinterpreting this design icon: the LAMY 2000 M is being released in a strictly limited numbered special edition with an exceptional “black amber” surface to mark this anniversary year. › learn more

  45. Live deluxe: The new LAMY Lx

    Sophisticated metallic look meets timeless design: the new LAMY Lx pairs classic elegance with modern attitude to life. A trendsetting writing accessory for free spirits who value the better things in life and are always on the look-out for that special something. › learn more

  46. Live deluxe: The new LAMY Lx

    Sophisticated metallic look meets timeless design: the new LAMY Lx pairs classic elegance with modern attitude to life. A trendsetting writing accessory for free spirits who value the better things in life and are always on the look-out for that special something. › learn more

  47. Best of the Best: „German Brand Award“ 2017 for Lamy

    Yesterday, as part of a celebratory gala at the German Historical Museum in Berlin, the prize winners of the German Brand Awards were announced. Among others, Lamy was one of the big winners of the night; in the king class “Excellence in Branding”, the stationery manufacturer was recognised as “Product Brand of the Year” with a German Brand Award and the winner in the “Industry Excellence in Branding – Office & Stationery” category. › learn more

  48. 10 years of Lamy in China: Anniversary marked with a big celebration

    The story of Lamy’s success in the Chinese market began 10 years ago. On 8 August 2018, the writing instrument manufacturer celebrated 10 years of successful cooperation with its Chinese representative Energetic Asia Ltd. in Shanghai › learn more

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