LAMY 2000  Fountain pen

A modern classic.

iF Award Reddot Award

LAMY 2000 Fountain pen

Fountain pen with piston operated filling system for LAMY ink T 51 and T 52. 14 ct gold nib, platinum coated, hand polished.

Available nib grades: extra fine (EF) / fine (F) / medium (M) / broad (B) / extra broad (BB) / oblique, medium (OM) / oblique, broad (OB) / oblique, extra broad (OBB).

Designer: Gerd A. Müller

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How to fill piston fountain pen Piston fountain pen: cleaning and care Fountain pen: nib grades


LAMY ink

Ink basin with ink residue collecting basin. Available in blue washable, black and red.

LAMY ink

LAMY ink

Ink basin with ink residue collecting basin and blotting paper roll. Available in blue washable, black, red, turquoise, green and blue-black.

LAMY ink

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