Lamy meets Franco Clivio.

A unique twist-action fountain pen

The LAMY dialog is a ground-breaking capless fountain pen with retractable nib and clip. Half a turn and the sophisticated 14 carat gold nib glides out of the pen while the massive clip retracts onto the barrel. The LAMY dialog represents a successful symbiosis of the most innovative writing instrument technology and the most progressive design of our time.

Design: Franco Clivio

Writing systems

LAMY dialog
LAMY dialog
LAMY dialog
LAMY dialog

The nib

Gold nibs for the highest standards:

  • Provide an especially elastic writing experience
  • Produce a round and balanced typeface
  • Increase the joy of using one’s own handwriting

A technological masterpiece

  • Worldwide-unique twist mechanism actuates partially platinised 14 carat gold nib as well as raising and lowering clip
  • When the nib is retracted, the innovative ball valve protects it from dirt as well as from drying out
  • High-quality materials with all models, from the nib to the clip: gold, platinum or palladium
  • Cartridges or converters can be used
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

Writing systems and colours


The most important thing is what happens in my head before I produce a design. Suddenly I look at things differently: I see them more precisely.

The uncapped LAMY dialog fountain pen also fascinates with clever technology: with a simple twist, the nib glides elegantly from inside the body whilst the clip sinks into the casing.


LAMY dialog details



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