Why Lamy?

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An internationally successful design company. And at the same time – a family company which remains true to its roots. That’s Lamy.  


Designing together – working at Lamy

Openness, mutual trust and the space to help shape the future: these are the values which set us apart, both as an employer and as a design company that’s continually developing and blazing new trails.


We see ourselves as a society in which every member shares responsibility – and in which in return every member receives support and encouragement in their uniqueness. At Lamy, every member of staff can and should contribute – ideas and points of view, personality, individual strengths and skills.


We are team players who enjoy getting things moving, people who think together and commit themselves, who develop solutions on their own and who take responsibility. In return, we offer an inspiring environment that values the individual, in which every person can develop and grow. And: a positive, friendly atmosphere in which everyday work is more than just a job.

Our values


Keeping the joy of handwriting alive – as a cultural heritage as well as an individual and authentic form of communication – is for us both vision and driving force. Design writing implements from Lamy are therefore more than just excellently designed objects of utility. They are an expression of emotion and personality, communicating the attitude and character of their user.


As a family company with a long history, Lamy creates products of lasting value. Products which often accompany their owners for many years, because they are durable in every regard: aesthetically, functionally, qualitatively. These standards define our thinking and our actions. An extraordinary demand for quality means that they can be put into practice every day, at every level – by every member of staff and every department.

Made in Germany.

Our values also include a close connection with our hometown of Heidelberg. Our head office and factory have been here since 1930 when the company was established by Carl Josef Lamy. With over 95% of our production in-house, Lamy is a byword around the world for the highest production standards and quality “Made in Germany”. In the past, today and in the future.


  • Work in a setting that’s welcoming, open to all cultures and feels like family
  • Commitment to training and appropriate qualification
  • Regular feedback and the opportunity for individual professional development
  • Work autonomously, be completely included in processes, actively help drive things forward rather than receive top-down commands
  • Company health system
  • Company pension and disability insurance
  • Working hours to suit your needs
  • Attractive working environment with in-house canteen (“LAMYteria”), roof and sculpture gardens
  • Job-Ticket – get to work cheaply without damaging the environment

Contact for applicants

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If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to write to us at the following e-mail address.