Wacom One and the LAMY AL-star black EMR

Build a bridge and get the best of both worlds

With LAMY incorporating the Wacom EMR technology into their digital pen you could say, Wacom and LAMY build a bridge between the analogue stationery world and the digital creative world. This most cherished partnership is now peaked with a bundle offer in both our online shops. Purchasing this bundle you'll get the best of both worlds - the natural writing experience of the LAMY AL-star black EMR and the natural drawing experience of the Wacom One creative pen display.

Get the best of both worlds.

The Wacom One is so much more than just a tablet. In fact, it boosts your productivity at work, gives your creativity a kick-start and improves your everyday giving your smartphone a larger screen - no matter, where you are. Its intuitive handling eases working with your mobile phone and its surface gives you a natural feel while writing and drawing. As if you were drawing with pen on paper.

Tip: exchange nibs

This little video demonstrated you can change nibs only with the LAMY AL-star black EMR.

The design of this digital input pen for tablets, smartphones and notebooks is based on the LAMY AL-star rollerball pen. Endowed with Wacom’s patented EMR technology, the LAMY AL-star black EMR doesn’t need a cord or battery to function, and never needs to be charged.


Also, have you visited the new Wacom eStore yet? Be sure to give it a try and find out what's new. Check here for more information.

At the office

Just like company mobile phones also tablets are used more often these days in companies. Especially in meetings, they are quite helpful if you want to look up something on the internet or in your network. With the LAMY AL-star black EMR you can easily take screenshots and annotate presentations to note down your ideas and come back to them later. Also editing documents has become a lot easier now.

When learning

Once your children learn how to write, they will probably be using a LAMY AL-star fountain pen. These days there are a lot of applications out there, that help them get better at it. With the LAMY AL-star black EMR they can now do so with the writing experience they are used to from school. And if they are not yet on school but already start learning this way, they get accustomed to a writing experience, they will probably learn once they get to school.

While creating

With most Android devices you also have lots of creative applications at your command. What has been trending in stationery with adults has also reached the digital world: coloring books. Whether its paint by numbers, mandalas, or simple to complex line art - coloring books aim to relax and thus are a beneficial hobby to many. With the LAMY AL-star black EMR you can do that anywhere - like in your lunch break after a tough meeting for instance. Or simply use it to doodle down your brainstorming ideas, create mind maps and get creative any way you like.

When playing

If you belong to the people, who don't find relaxation drawing or coloring mandalas and the like, then maybe your go-to relaxation method is playing little games. With the LAMY AL-star black EMR your can be faster and achieve more precision giving you an advantage over the average gamer.

Digital Writing

The digital age is in full swing. Lamy has joined in and is reinventing a popular classic: the LAMY AL-star Black EMR. The marvel of ergonomics has given it new inner workings with electromagnetic resonance technology.

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