LAMY specs vol. 4

Everything is different

Welcome to LAMY specs Vol. 4. Read here what topics and stories the new issue has to offer.

Nothing in the world is as it seems, the Greek philosopher Plato knew.
And nothing remains as it is, said the Roman emperor Mark Aurel.

Two simple yet fundamental statements that are no less true in the 21st century than they were in ancient times. They teach that it is worth considering the given from (at least) two perspectives. And that constant change lies in the nature of all things.

The current issue of LAMY specs is also about change and taking on new perspectives – both figuratively and in concrete terms. In an interview, Lamy managing director Beate Oblau and product manager Marco Achenbach talk about brand identity, innovation and the tension between preserving and renewing. And about a term that seems to have undergone a thorough reinter- pretation today: luxury.

What actually is luxury? What was it in the past, what is it today? Design journalist Gerrit Terstiege discusses these questions in his essay “Leiser Luxus” (Quiet Luxury). He shows that the question of the significance of luxury always remains a question of perspective.

The same applies to the anamorphic mural that Christoph Niemann designed for the Lamy Concept Store in New York. In order to look at it correctly, one has no choice but to change one’s point of view. Why? You will find out in the article "A question of perspective".

Stay open, stay curious. Because nothing is as it seems.

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