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LAMY specs Vol. 5

In this special edition of LAMY specs we take you into the fascinating world of Urushi. This natural lacquer, which has been used in East Asian arts and crafts for thousands of years, is the inspiration and starting point of an extraordinary edition: LAMY dialog urushi.

LAMY specs Vol. 4

Nothing is what it seems. And nothing stays the same. The fourth issue of LAMY specs deals with change and the adoption of new perspectives. An exciting interview, an essay on the meaning of luxury, insights into spring production and new augmented reality features will take you inside the world of Lamy.

LAMY specs Vol. 3

In 2019, Bauhaus is 100 years old. In the third volume of LAMY specs, find out more about the design philosophy of Lamy with its origins in the legendary school of design! Also in the magazine: an in-depth interview with Franco Clivio and a report on factory production at Lamy.

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LAMY specs Vol. 2

Did you know that the LAMY safari is one of the world’s best-selling fountain pens? In LAMY specs Vol. 2, we get to the bottom of its charm. Also, you will discover impressions from the Lamy New York Concept Store – and find out why designer Naoto Fukasawa compares his work to that of a chef.

LAMY specs Vol. 1

The first volume of LAMY specs takes you on a journey into the exciting world of Lamy. Here, you will find an interview with LAMY aion designer Jasper Morrison, a review of the “thinking tools” exhibition, and thrilling insights into production at Lamy.

No longer available

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