Surprisingly practical.

LAMY pico Lx rosegold Set – Special Edition

Small and handy, the LAMY pico first shows its full potential when expanded. An innovative pocket pen which transforms to a full-grown ballpoint pen thanks to its sophisticated push mechanism.

Set LAMY pico Lx rosegold with black and shiny leather case in gift box. Pocket pen polished brass with compact refill LAMY M 22 M black.

€ 89.00

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LAMY pico
LAMY pico
LAMY pico
LAMY pico
LAMY pico
LAMY pico

The LAMY pico pocket ballpoint is a genuine quick-change artist: a complex mechanism makes the compact cylinder into a mature ballpoint at a flick of the wrist.

The most important thing is what happens in my head before I produce a design. Suddenly I look at things differently: I see them more precisely.


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