Symbiotic perfection in form

A perfectly shaped experience

LAMY ideos is a new product family designed by EOOS which innovatively interprets Lamy’s design principles.

Combining the basic forms of triangle and circle creates a surprising yet natural, stylised teardrop shape that facilitates a unique haptic experience.

This writing instrument series features high-quality palladium refinement with polished stainless steel clips. Contrasting chrome-plated freeform grip zones craft a dynamic completion of the housing’s basic forms.

Design: EOOS


Writing systems

LAMY ideos

Also perfect as a gift

With black E 188 packaging.

High quality refined

  • Brass housing refined with palladium
  • Chrome-plated nib housing respectively Chrome-plated tip


  • Polished stainless steel clip
  • Engraving possibility: laser engraving on the clip (bright)

Writing systems and colours


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