A pocket-sized masterpiece of technology.

Elegance meets innovation

The LAMY dialog cc is a capless fountain pen in an optically sophisticated design. Based on the innovative technology of the LAMY dialog, the cc is a newly conceptualized version which has a shortened upper section with a refined end plate and anti-roll top instead of a clip. Its compact format also houses a totally unique twist mechanism which extends and retracts the nib. This new gold nib is refined with platinum and rose gold, giving the LAMY dialog cc even more of an emotional allure.


Writing systems

LAMY dialog cc
LAMY dialog cc
LAMY dialog cc

The perfect combination

With black leather case.

Sophisticated design

Distinct gold nib 14 ct. in bicolour rose gold design, partially platinum.

Shiny white lacquer finish or matt darkblue. Details plated with rose gold.

Writing systems and colours


Including gift box

Each LAMY dialog cc comes in a gift box with leather case.

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