Paula – LAMY studio

Handwriting has an aura. The printed word has a job to do.

The bridge builder

It is no exaggeration to call Paula Macedo Weiß an extraordinary woman. She holds a doctorate in law, is president of the Stiftung Museum Angewandte Kunst, a cultural producer, a writer, a mother of four children - and now also an ambassador for Lamy.

What the Brazilian-born designer has in common with Lamy is a keen sense of beauty – in art, design and aesthetics. This is reflected in the Frankfurt apartment she shares with her family. Her home is packed full of works of art and each room is decorated in a different colour to welcome its residents. Art plays a very special role for Paula Macedo Weiß. It has the power to open doors, to speak to people regardless of their place in society and to create mutual understanding. Her desire to build bridges has also been defined by her life story.

Having grown up under a military dictatorship, she arrived in Germany from Brazil in the early 1990s to study law.

Paula Macedo Weiß wrote about her eventful life in her book “Es war einmal in Brasilien” (Once Upon a Time in Brazil), which was published in spring 2021. As a writer and versatile creative personality, she relies on the medium of handwriting. “It’s like the thoughts find their way out through my synapses. It’s not the same when I write on the computer.”

LAMY studio

The LAMY studio shows just how close design and art can be. The propeller-shaped clip adds an innovative design touch and stands out from the voluminous metal body. With its harmonious rounded edges, the writing instrument resembles a modern sculpture and guarantees a comfortable writing experience.

High-quality stainless steel and top quality surfaces round off the stylish design of this series. The result is a perfect interplay of design and functionality which makes the LAMY studio a design-based work of art for everyday use.