Great emotions at hand

Handwriting is good for you

An important subject, not just for teachers and schoolchildren

These days it's easier than ever to get writing with our smartphones and tablets and so traditional writing instruments are used less and less. Primary school children spend less and less time writing with a fountain pen and there is less and less value placed on neat handwriting. So shouldn't we be teaching children to write on screens from early on?

We believe that handwriting is an indispensable skill for children – as well as for everyone else. And we're not just saying that out of nostalgia or from a fear of the digital, but because we are convinced that anything written is enormously enriched if it's written by hand.

So much more than placing letters side-by-side

When schoolchildren write by hand they are developing their senses, motor skills and mental capacity in equal measure. Studies clearly show that this also has a positive effect on their attainment. Writing by hand is also a creative process which is very important for personal development – something which remains true into adulthood.

And not least: anyone who wants, for example, to express their love or to congratulate someone from the heart, will quite intuitively reach for a fountain or ballpoint pen. So when you're holding a writing instrument in your fingers, it's easy to communicate how you feel.

The easy way to learn handwriting: Services and Material

Learn to write and have fun at the same time. With our services and offers, pre-school teachers, primary teachers and parents will find it easy to motivate children to practice their handwriting.