Getting to grips with the new school year

The best writing instruments for all ages

The new school year is here! The yearly jump to the next class is an exciting time, not just for those starting school for the first time, but also for older children – and they’ll want to be school-ready and fully equipped. Having the appropriate writing instruments is important, as they will be accompanying the


children throughout their school life and development. That’s why Lamy offers ergonomic writing instruments for every age group that are specifically designed to support learning and are totally geared towards the needs of even the very youngest.

LAMY abc learn-to-write system

This learn-to-write system consists of the LAMY abc learn-to-write pencil and the LAMY abc learn-to-write fountain pen. Their large grip ends just above the nib or the tip of the lead and guarantees young users’ fingers secure positioning in exactly the right place. The learn-to-write pencil has a soft, breakproof lead that produces a wider-than-usual line and therefore encourages beginner writers not to press so hard.

Good to know: Special nibs for left-handers are also available for the series: LAMY abc, LAMY nexx, LAMY safari and LAMY AL-star.

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