Five good reasons…

…to write with a fountain pen

1. Fatigue-free writing

Ergonomic writing instruments have a positive effect on the development of fine motor skills and clearly legible handwriting.
All instruments from Lamy for learning to write have grips with age-appropriate ergonomics. They produce a secure grip when writing and prevent cramping in the fingers. Consequently, they encourage a fatigue-free writing posture and speed up the development of clearly legible handwriting.

2. Training of fine motor skills

Writing with a fountain pen especially promotes the capacity for coordination and concentration.
A fountain pen must be held and guided in one direction. Only then will the pen glide optimally when writing and the ink flow evenly onto the paper. This challenge to the fine motor skills demands a high degree of coordination and concentration from the child – not only when learning to write.

3. Stabilising movement patterns

Writing with a fountain pen requires care. Children therefore have more time to memorise the script motions of the individual letters.
When writing, the pen is subject to natural resistance from the paper. This resistance provides stability and additional security when guiding the fountain pen, making it easier to follow and internalise movement patterns.

4. Improved script

The fountain pen slows down writing movements considerably. This means that children work more carefully.
Smooth-running rollerballs invite faster and consequently also more careless writing, whereas the slower pace of writing with the fountain pen demands greater care. The result is a clean, uniform and clearly legible script.

5. Wide-ranging pen varieties

For all writing needs – even for left-handers
Special nibs for left-handers: unlike right-handed people, left-handers have to push rather than pull their writing instrument over the paper. Lamy has developed special left-handed nibs for this, with a tapered tip. Even left-handers can therefore benefit from the advantages of fountain pens for learning to write.
Only fountain pens can be tailored individually to different needs when learning to write. Fountain pens from Lamy for learning to write are available with up to four different nib widths. As well as steel nibs with medium-width and fine writing tips there are also special writing pens for writing novices and left-handers.

  • A steel nib with a spherical tip – especially for writing novices (LAMY abc, LAMY nexx)
  • LH steel nibs with a tapered tip – especially for left-handers (LAMY abc, LAMY nexx)
  • M steel nibs with a medium-width tip (LAMY nexx)
  • F steel nibs with a fine tip (LAMY nexx)

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