LAMY specs vol. 5

An extraordinary symbiosis

Differing worlds come together with the LAMY dialog urushi. Tradition and modernity. Asia and Europe. Rational design and an unorthodox material: urushi.

Collaboration with designers has a longstanding tradition at Lamy. But there has never before been an artist edition. Two highly renowned urushi masters have created a new surface for a model which represents masterful production and technical excellence like no other writing instrument from Lamy: LAMY dialog 3.

Norihiko Ogura from Tokyo and Manfred Schmid from Bremen have redesigned the capless fountain pen to reflect the four seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter form the guiding principle of this edition – a theme which is both universal and transcends time. The seasons as a symbol of the eternal circle of life. Creation and decay, finiteness and renewal. The different backgrounds of the two urushi artists is one of the particular charms of this edition. While Japanese artist Norihiko Ogura focuses on the tradition of classic lacquer application, as demonstrated by masters such as Gonroku Matsuda, German artist Manfred Schmid approaches urushi art with more of a European perspective.

The one thing they have in common is that they have developed original processing techniques for Lamy and applied them to the LAMY dialog 3 fountain pen for the first time. This is an exciting encounter between different cultures and perspectives which presents Lamy and the material of urushi in a whole new light.

It is worth exploring the world of lacquering to understand what makes urushi so multi-faceted and so special. A world which has its own rules; rules which challenge modern man – ‘homo digitalis’ – in particular. Working with urushi requires exceptional patience and a readiness to accept subordination to the rhythm of the material. No easy task in an era where everything seems possible and controllable.
This special edition of LAMY specs is dedicated exclusively to urushi and will take you on a voyage into this world – and into the studio of urushi master Manfred Schmid, who offers moving insight into his work.

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