LAMY st  Mechanical pencil

Tapered and elegant.

LAMY st Mechanical pencil

Made of stainless steel with cyclical matt finish. Slim and cylindrical. With sprung, steel ring clip.

Mechanical pencil with 0.5 mm lead LAMY M 41. Built-in eraser LAMY Z 10 underneath the removable button.

Designer: Gerd A. Müller

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LAMY pencil lead

0.5 mm pencil lead. Lead hardness: HB.

LAMY pencil lead

LAMY spare eraser tip

Spare eraser tip. Package with 3 pieces. For all mechanical pencil models of the LAMY 2000, LAMY accent, LAMY agenda, LAMY cp 1, LAMY linea and LAMY st ranges.

LAMY spare eraser tip

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