LAMY scribble  Ballpoint pen

For powerful sketching and accurate note-taking.

iF Award

LAMY scribble Ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pen with distinctive ergonomic form. Matt black plastic, fittings with palladium finish.

With LAMY compact refill M 22 black M.

Designer: Hannes Wettstein

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Ballpoint pen: changing refills Lamy ballpoint pen refills


LAMY compact ballpoint refill

Compact ballpoint pen refill with adaptor, waterproof. Available in black and blue in the line sizes F, M and B. For LAMY agenda, LAMY pico, LAMY pickup and LAMY scribble. Can be modified with all LAMY ballpoint pens except models 201, 202 and 203.

LAMY compact ballpoint refill

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