LAMY cp 1 black  Mechanical pencil

The pure form of writing.

iF Award

LAMY cp 1 black Mechanical pencil

Mechanical pencil. Cylindrical body with sprung, axle-mounted clip made of solid stainless steel.

Matt black lacquer finish.

With 0.7 mm (LAMY M 40) lead, LAMY Z 10 built-in eraser with cleaning needle underneath the removable button.

Designer: Gerd A. Müller / Lamy

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Mechanical pencils: changing refills Lamy mechanical pencil refills Mechanical pencils: cleaning needle and eraser


LAMY pencil lead

0.7 mm pencil lead. Lead hardness: HB.

LAMY pencil lead

LAMY spare eraser tip

Spare eraser tip. Package with 3 pieces. For all mechanical pencil models of the LAMY 2000, LAMY accent, LAMY agenda, LAMY cp 1, LAMY linea and LAMY st ranges.

LAMY spare eraser tip

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