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LAMY 4pen – Made in Germany.

As beautiful as it is practical: the LAMY 4pen. With 3 different colour ballpoint pens and a mechanical pencil you have your work under control in no time at all. You can visually switch to the system of choice quickly and easily using push-button.

Designer: Phoenix Product Design

Flexibility and mobility have become key terms in our modern working world. And the number of people who no longer work at one fixed place, but who move from project to project is growing. In changing teams and often in different towns and cities. And their writing instruments? Ideally, they come from Lamy, are called the LAMY twin pen, LAMY tri pen or LAMY4pen and with these illustrative names signal that behind their slim shapes there is more concealed than just a ballpoint pen or a propelling pencil. They are particularly high-quality multi-system writing instruments, a speciality of Lamy, so that, wherever you are, at whatever time, you will always have the right writing system to hand.

Multisystem pens

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