55 years of Lamy design

LAMY 2000 brown – Limited Edition 2021

In honour of the LAMY 2000’s 55th anniversary, LAMY is presenting a unique special edition of the piston fountain pen made of dark brown polycarbonate with a PVDcoated stainless steel clip of matching colour. This exclusive set for connoisseurs consists of the writing instrument in a sophisticated gift box, including a notebook as well as the biography of designer Gerd A. Müller. This jubilee edition is limited to 3,300 consecutively numbered pieces.

Exclusive notebook with leather binding and first publication "The unknown designer"


This softcover notebook features a durable binding made of genuine cowhide leather and consists of 160 pages of high-quality Biancoflash Natural design paper from Favini. Extra features include a folder pocket and pen loop as well as two practical textile bookmarks.

Gerd A. Müller biography

This previously unpublished biography showcases the work of one of the mid to late 20th century’s most significant German industrial designers. It presents a richly insightful and informative overview of Müller’s work – including his timeless design creations that achieved worldwide fame for such brands as Braun and LAMY.

Everyday objects need to do more than simply function, they must also appeal, people must like them. The customer will nod over the functionality, but will smile over the poetry.

Dr. Manfred Lamy

LAMY 2000 history

Unique history and design

In 1966, Dr Manfred Lamy called for a completely new contemporary design philosophy for Lamy writing instruments, laying the foundation for the future of the LAMY brand. Together with Gerd A. Müller, a former designer at Braun, he developed the LAMY 2000. Its form and function are based on the Bauhaus principles and made it a timeless icon of design recognised and distinguished in museums everywhere.

The image of the LAMY brand is closely associated with the success story behind the LAMY 2000. Developed in 1966 this fountain pen established the era of unique Lamy design and is still today the classic among design writing instruments. With its markedly objective form, the LAMY 2000 defined new standards in writing instrument design and became the model for the brand’s development of many future innovative concepts.

The LAMY 2000 series has been produced from a combination of polycarbonate and stainless steel for 55 years now. The seamless transition between the two materials is still today an unequalled and unique feature of this high-quality and exceptional series of writing instruments. A combination of high-precision technical processes and sophisticated manual skills is necessary for its production.

The fountain pen

Writing in its most beautiful form: a classic among the writing instrument systems, the fountain pen sits perfectly in the hand and guarantees an extremely pleasant and sure writing experience. Its platinum-refined 14-carat gold nib glides over the paper extremely smoothly. The detachable cap features a solid spring-loaded stainless steel clip; its materials and appearance provide a discreet contrast to the writing instrument’s finish.

Design: Gerd A. Müller

In Gerd A. Müller, Dr. Manfred Lamy found a companion who shared his own values and vision. Together, they not only developed an icon that is now established worldwide, but also shaped the attitude and philosophy of the Lamy brand. To this day, and certainly far into the future, this collaboration continues to show the way for the Lamy brand.

Gerd A. Müller joined Braun in 1955 as the company's second salaried designer. From the middle of the 20th century onwards, the company made a significant contribution to German Gestaltungsmoderne with its aesthetic and functional product design approach. From 1955 to 1960, he was mainly involved in the design of kitchen appliances and razors at the company. From 1960, Müller designed numerous products as an independent designer for companies such

as C. Josef Lamy GmbH, Wega Radio GmbH, Buderus Heiztechnik GmbH and Kochs Adler Nähmaschinen Werke AG. 
Besides designing industrial products when starting out in independent work, he has always been active in the field of graphic, interior and exhibition design. Müller's design work was particularly distinguished by his design approach and the individual design process.