Thinking on paper

Writing has an outward effect - writing makes our thoughts visible, handwriting shows our personality. 

However, writing also has an inward effect, leads to new conceptions and ideas and thus enables us to better understand ourselves and the world that surrounds us.


With Lamy writing instruments, we give people the perfect tools to shape and grasp their thoughts. The inspirations and download templates collected here also help to put these thoughts on paper.

Habit Tracker

Turn your intentions into habits!

We all know it: even the best resolutions often vanish into thin air after a very short period of time if we don't really focus on them. To break out of this pattern, a so-called habit tracker can help you.

The concept is fairly simple:
You write down a habit that you want to build up or a custom you want to refrain from in the future. Each time you have been successful in implementing your intention, you simply tick it with a check mark.The act of writing and actively dealing with your goals again and again helps you keeping your achievements and intentions in perspective.

With every entry you can instantly see whether you are really sticking to your set goal.

You will see:
The more often you put check marks to your intentions, the more you will incorporate the habit you have chosen into your lifestyle.

Getting Things Done

Structure your everyday life!

Every day, we are bombarded with a multitude of impressions, information and new tasks. It is not always easy to keep an overview and stay focused at all times.

Our tip: Give your everyday life a structure by taking handwritten notes. For example, in a basic todo list. This takes the pressure from your mind and you can concentrate on the really importantthings. At the same time, you will be able to deal more calmly with your everyday challenges.

By the way, the quickest and most intuitive way to keep a to-do list is with pen and paper. Think about the following for your list:

  • What do I want to do today?
  • In which order do I want to do it?

Journaling diaries

Jot down the stories of your day.

At first glance, some everyday situations seem complex. However, surprisingly simple solutions can often be found for many challenges. Here, too, pen and paper often prove to be useful tools.

In your diary you just write freely with whatever comes to mind. Each new thought follows a previous one. And the good thing about this process: out of nowhere, solutions and insights often emerge that you hadn't seen a few moments before.

Positive side effect:
Sentences on paper have something lasting. Even years later, every handwritten text helps bringing back memories and let them play before your inner eye.

Learning Successfully

Learn effectively – write it down!

No screen or keyboard can replace what happens when you write by hand.

When you take pen and paper in your hand, you process information much deeper and better than by typing on a keyboard. Students, for example, notice this time and again when taking notes during lectures. In the seemingly confusing jumble of letters,

words, underlines, marks and cross-references, they can still remember the exact wording of their professor weeks later.

Our tip: Study with pen and paper – and your next exam will be a piece of cake.

Getting SMARTer

Turn your wishes and ideas into solid goals!

Writing helps you to become more aware of your goals and wishes and to make them much more concrete. This enables you to pursue them much more consistently.

This enables you to pursue them much more consistently. Scientific studies have shown that people who clearly formulate their goals and write them down achieve them more often than people who do not. Therefore: Jot down what you want to achieve as precise as possible. It is important that you formulate your goals in such a way that your success is supported in the best possible way. The so-called SMART formula can help you with this.

This method states that your goals should be:

Specific (precisely described)
Measurable (with exact key figures)
Attractive (worth striving for)
Realistic (within reach, realistic & relevant)
Time bound (with a clear defined timeline).