Architecture of distinction: the Lamy Development Centre

Nowhere can the values which stand for a brand be experienced in such close proximity than in their architecture. Individual form, the quality of the materials used, the attraction of the rooms with their light and their acoustics – such features can render the idea and the competence of a brand tangible.

The Lamy Development Centre is a frequently cited example of this: a black glass cube, suspended on silver steel cables and pylons which are reflected in the adjacent expanse of water. Lamy’s "Innovation Workshop", in which new products are conceived, tested and made ready for production thus represents the colours and the unmistakable design world of the company. Brand identity in a building.

Art to inspire: the Lamy Galleria and Sculpture Garden

Art which shows our world from a new and different perspective sometimes excites and often stimulates. For this reason Lamy fosters a close relationship with the world of fine art. The central importance this holds in the company can be seen for example in the spacious, light-flooded Lamy Galleria. It is located between the Development Centre and the injection moulding plant and is therefore right in the middle of the day-to-day working environment. It can be used to hold staff meetings, but also as a venue for wandering exhibitions, which have become an institution in the cultural life of Heidelberg.

What’s more, three-dimensional art has its own permanent place in the Sculpture Garden on the roof of a leafy production hall. Here, Lamy employees can find a selection of sculptures by prominent artists – as an invitation to discover new perspectives and gather inspiration for their own work.