Lamy: Annual review and outlook for 2019


For some years, Lamy has been pursuing a consistent strategy – the globalisation of the brand combined with the streamlining of its lifestyle profile. Lamy will continue to pursue this course under the new management team – but with special attention being given to sustainability: after the remarkable increase in turnover production over the last few years, the focus will now shift to an ever greater extent to the long-term establishment of efficient structures.

The new management team will share the responsibilities among themselves on the basis of the skill sets they bring to the table: Beate Oblau will remain responsible for marketing/PR and product development, Thomas Trapp will take charge of worldwide sales and Peter Utsch, who was previously responsible for managing the commercial segment, has also taken responsibility for production and logistics.

Marketing and communication
In February, Lamy launched the first edition of its new brand magazine, LAMY specs, together with its related augmented reality app. This enables users to discover moving pictures and fascinating 3-D animations in the magazine. “LAMY specs sends a clear signal of openness to the public”, says Managing Director Beate Oblau. “Even though, as a writing instrument manufacturer, our roots are in the analogue world, we regard digitalisation as an opportunity to enable a more hands-on experience of the LAMY brand.” For example, not only can readers find out more about Lamy’s production processes, but the app also enables them to have a look inside the production plant. Three editions of the augmented reality magazine have now been published and the next is due in spring 2019.

Lamy’s year was also successful in view of the large number of awards received by the company in 2018. Special mention should be made of the three- time receipt of the German Brand Award 2019 – in the “Winner” category, the LAMY aion series, launched in 2017, the LAMY 2000 classic and the “thinking tools” exhibition initiated by Lamy won awards, respectively.

In the “Award for Midsized Enterprises” (“Großer Preis des Mittelstandes”), Lamy made it to the 2018 finalists and therefore qualified as a potential winner for 2019. The “Award for Midsized Enterprises” is a major commercial award in Germany.

Lamy also celebrated 50 years of entering the iF Award. During this time, Lamy has already worn 71 iF awards – including the much coveted “Corporate” award. The international design label is regarded around the world as one of the leading awards for design.

National sales
In its domestic market of Germany, the writing instrument manufacturer is still focusing largely on opening new shop-in-shops and in working closely with premium retailers. Furthermore, Lamy successfully increased its activities in traditional industry sales channels, for example within the book trade and in the design sector. In addition, the brand has been present within the high quality segment such as with the KadeWe Premium Group and with Breuninger in Stuttgart.“ In 2019, we continue to concentrate on working with premium partners”, says Managing Director Thomas Trapp.

International sales
During 2018, not only did Lamy open new national outlets in Brazil, Serbia, Lithuania and Thailand, but also added a number of mono-brand stores around the world, including in Finland (Helsinki), Uruguay (Montevideo), Mexico (Mexico City), India (Surat, 2 x Chennai, Pune and Mumbai), China (Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing and Wuhan), Malaysia (Penang) and at Vienna Airport, where the first LAMY Airport Concept Store opened in July.

Special attention was given to the American market where Lamy opened two new concept stores in San Francisco and New York in 2018. For the future, Lamy is planning a number of new sales outlets there in the form of shop-in- shops.

Additional Lamy online shops also opened for business this year. This means that in addition to Germany, Lamy currently has an e-shop presence in 12 countries – Australia, Finland, India, Canada, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey and the USA.

Production and logistics
The requirements for the continued expansion of the brand are being put in place by extensive investments in production. The new management team has already implemented its first measures: “We have modernised existing systems in parts of our production and expanded their capacity”, says Managing Director Peter Utsch. “Over the next year we intend to continue this modernisation process and also expand our handcrafted products segment.” Production by hand will play a larger role in production in the future, linked to the simultaneous expansion of the premium segment. The company is also planning to diversify and upgrade its product range in the form of special high quality versions and finishes.

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About Lamy
The LAMY brand stands for high-quality designer writing instruments defined by their timeless modern aesthetics and perfect functionality. Its success story began over 50 years ago with the LAMY 2000: in 1966, the model established the clear and unmistakeable design which still defines the style of all the brand’s products today – the Lamy design. As an independent family business, Lamy has been associated with Heidelberg since it was first founded in 1930 and therefore guarantees consistent high quality, “Made in Germany”. With an annual production of over 8 million writing instruments and turnover of more than 110 million euros in 2016, Lamy today is not only the market leader in Germany but has developed to become an internationally sought-after brand. The company continues to set trends, not just through its annual special editions and has inspired writing enthusiasts around the world with its innovative colours and surface finishes. In this way, Lamy continues to reinvent itself and proves that a writing instrument is more than just an everyday object: it is a genuine lifestyle accessory which expresses the pleasures of writing by hand and highlights the individuality of the owner.

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