Lamy celebrates the official opening of its new concept store in New York


Heidelberg/New York, 3 December 2018 – Purist straightforwardness meets lively creativity, timeless design meets contemporary lifestyle: with the new concept store in West Broadway, Lamy takes its international brand image to a new level. Erected in 1910, the building with a characteristic brick facade was furnished with a minimalist, monochrome interior.

This not only creates the framework for the clear, functional design of the products, but also simultaneously acts as a type of white cube: a place in which creative processes can take place and be made possible. “Zeitgeist is alive and kicking in SoHo,” says Managing Director Beate Oblau. “In particular, our proximity to the creative scene and the potential it offers for joint ventures was one of the main reasons for selecting this site.”

LAMY x Christoph Niemann
The visitors to the opening event were able to see that for themselves. As both a kick-off to Lamy’s new brand presence in New York and a tribute to the street art scene in SoHo, the artist and illustrator Christoph Niemann created a mural which now adorns the side facade of the store. The special thing about it: the motif is anamorphic and can be looked at differently from two positions. But it is not just the perspective of the mural that puzzles the viewer, the motif itself can be interpreted in several different ways. It shows an illustrator drawing an illustrator using a writing instrument. But it raises the question of who is actually drawing whom.

For Christoph Niemann, challenging the viewer and not underestimating him, is a decisive quality of artistic work in the age of social media. In an “Artist Talk” during the event, Christoph Niemann spoke with Mike Meiré (co-founder and
co-owner of the agency Meiré und Meiré / Art and Brand Director for Lamy) and Nicholas Blechman (Creative Director of “The New Yorker”) about his collaboration with Lamy and how to find the right balance between art and marketing: “You should never make the mistake of underestimating your audience. If they see a straight marketing message, they will look right through it. Anything that underestimates their intellect, they are not going to accept. So I always try push things further to see how far I can go. This requires a lot of trust from a brand.”

In addition to the work-in-progress mural which will be completed in the coming weeks, further works by Christoph Niemann works were presented at the event. These included a large wall illustration inside the store and a replica of the coral sculpture which the artist had created in 2016 for the “thinking tools” exhibition initiated by Lamy. The original sculpture, which was composed of around 2,500 components of the LAMY AL-star fountain pen series, was on show at the “thinking tools” exhibition in the Museum of Applied Art in Frankfurt and at the 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo.

Lamy: expansion of its brand presence in the USA
With the new store in New York, Lamy underlines its strategic goal to further expand its global brand presence. With its 180 mono-brand stores and 15,600 sales outlets, Lamy is already represented in over 70 countries worldwide. “In the recent past, our main focus has been on Asia,” explains Managing Director Thomas Trapp. “Now we would like to dedicate ourselves more to the American market as well.”

To that end, Lamy has been working in the US with a new sales partner, Universal Luxury Brands, since August 2017. The launch of the American online shop and the opening of the first US concept store in San Francisco have already been achieved since that time. For the future, Lamy plans numerous new sales outlets in the form of shops-in-shop points.

“Following the successful opening of our first US concept store in San Francisco at the start of the year, SoHo represents yet another important milestone in the expansion of our global brand presence,” says Managing Director Thomas Trapp. “Few other cities in the world are as attractive and appealing as New York – which is why we are absolutely delighted that Lamy now has a presence in the city, reinforcing its design and lifestyle brand.”

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About Lamy
The LAMY brand stands for high-quality designer writing instruments defined by their timeless modern aesthetics and perfect functionality. Its success story began over 50 years ago with the LAMY 2000: in 1966, the model established the clear and unmistakeable design which still defines the style of all the brand’s products today – the Lamy design. As an independent family business, Lamy has been associated with Heidelberg since it was first founded in 1930 and therefore guarantees consistent high quality, “Made in Germany”. With an annual production of over 8 million writing instruments and turnover of more than 110 million euros in 2016, Lamy today is not only the market leader in Germany but has developed to become an internationally sought-after brand. The company continues to set trends, not just through its annual special editions and has inspired writing enthusiasts around the world with its innovative colours and surface finishes. In this way, Lamy continues to reinvent itself and proves that a writing instrument is more than just an everyday object: it is a genuine lifestyle accessory which expresses the pleasures of writing by hand and highlights the individuality of the owner.

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