Customised LAMY 2000 pen set under the hammer at the (RED) auction in New York


Heidelberg / New York, November 2013
A LAMY 2000 pen set customised by Sir Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson sold for US$25,000 at the (RED) charity auction on 23rd November. The proceeds of the auction, conducted by renowned New York auction house Sotheby’s, will go to “The Global Fund” to help in the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Two of the world’s foremost design pioneers, Sir Jonathan Ive, Chief Designer at Apple, and Marc Newson, have collaborated with musician and philanthropist Bono from U2 to organise a (RED) auction celebrating the very best in design and innovation. (RED) was founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver in order to raise awareness for the fight against AIDS in business and society.

This year’s auction featured design icons selected by Jony and Marc and works that were personally customised by the pair, including an Edition 01/01 LAMY 2000 pen set. The set includes the LAMY 2000 fountain pen, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil, rollerball and four-colour ballpoint pen. The fountain pen has a 14K gold nib coated in platinum. Presented in a custom designed case by Jony and Marc, the pen set is accompanied by a LAMY ink bottle for the fountain pen.

Design pieces in red
Items under the hammer at the (RED) auction were hugely varied in origin and had been put together by Johnny and Mark over the past eighteen months. They ranged from writing implements, space travel pieces and light design to contemporary art and unusual vehicles - all with one thing in common: it is their excellence and innovation which set them apart.

"It's been a thrilling journey for Jony and me to curate this collection of pieces that celebrate the extraordinary design that we love, that transcends all boundaries of time and place. Each object and the process of creating it conveys a rich set of human values, so it seems fitting that they should be auctioned with a different sense of human value in mind, to raise as much as 2 possible to help people's lives today," said Marc Newson. “We'd like to thank our partners for their sincere generosity and for giving so gladly and willingly.” The (RED) auction raised over US$26 million in total.

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About Lamy

Lamy is an independent family business founded by C. Josef Lamy in Heidelberg in 1930. The LAMY brand was established in 1952 and even in their first year proved its innovative potential with the introduction of the unprecedented LAMY 27 fountain pen series.
1966 was the year that witnessed the birth of the distinctive product form by Lamy, the Lamy Design, through the LAMY 2000. An annual production of more than 6 million writing instruments and a turnover of more than 50 million euros not only make Lamy market leader in Germany but set them apart as one of the German design brands whose products are distinguished worldwide.

LAMY 2000 pen set

The customised LAMY 2000 pen set design by Sir Jonathan Ive and Marc
Newson was sold at the (RED) auction for US$25,000.

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About Lamy
The LAMY brand stands for high-quality designer writing instruments defined by their timeless modern aesthetics and perfect functionality. Its success story began over 50 years ago with the LAMY 2000: in 1966, the model established the clear and unmistakeable design which still defines the style of all the brand’s products today – the Lamy design. As an independent family business, Lamy has been associated with Heidelberg since it was first founded in 1930 and therefore guarantees consistent high quality, “Made in Germany”. With an annual production of over 8 million writing instruments and turnover of more than 110 million euros in 2016, Lamy today is not only the market leader in Germany but has developed to become an internationally sought-after brand. The company continues to set trends, not just through its annual special editions and has inspired writing enthusiasts around the world with its innovative colours and surface finishes. In this way, Lamy continues to reinvent itself and proves that a writing instrument is more than just an everyday object: it is a genuine lifestyle accessory which expresses the pleasures of writing by hand and highlights the individuality of the owner.

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