Product designers

The question of whether product designs should be created in a dedicated department, or external designers should provide them as a creative service, has never been an issue for Lamy.

The first writing instrument of the new Lamy design era was created in joint project with a "free-lancer". This was Gerd A. Müller, a man who was one of the advocates of the Bauhaus movement. This alone was enough to impel Lamy to select him to provide the company with the initial impetus for its new design style and to provide his input to it over the years.

By the 1970s the valuable experiences gained from this type of collaboration, most importantly the inspiring exchange of view between "independent creative spirits" and in-house employees who work in the area of design, had led to this co-operation growing to encompass other product designers and design studios.

Gerd A. Müller

He died in 1991 but his work for Lamy lives on.

Following ranges were designed by Gerd A. Müller:

LAMY 2000
LAMY cp1
LAMY unic

Wolfgang Fabian

Wolfgang Fabian

Wolfgang Fabian, who was born in 1943, was a qualified goldsmith before he studied industrial design.

With his team "Fabian Industrie-Design" he has been developing formal and technical solutions for utility goods and items of capital expenditure since 1981.

Products designed by Fabian Industrie-Design have been awarded with many international prizes.

Mr. Fabian is the responsible designer for the following Lamy ranges:

LAMY agenda
LAMY AL-star
LAMY logo
LAMY pickup
LAMY safari
LAMY spirit
LAMY swift
LAMY tipo

Andreas Haug

Andreas Haug

Andreas Haug was born in Heidenheim in 1946. He started his career as a trainee in the commercial and technical area of Daimler Benz. From 1968 until 1972 he studied design at the National academy of fine arts in Stuttgart.

1972 he became the first collaborator of Esslinger – Design. From 1982 until 1984 he was executive shareholder of frogdesign where he became design consultant and vice president design in 1984.

Together with Tom Schönherr he founded in 1987 Phoenix Product Design.

His works were awarded with numerous international design prizes.

Phoenix Product Design developed following ranges:

LAMY accent
LAMY 4pen
LAMY smile
LAMY nexx
LAMY nexx M

Franco Clivio

Franco Clivio

Franco Clivio, born in 1942 in Schulen, Switzerland, studied at the University for creation in Ulm.

Among others he designed for clients such as Erco, FSB, Gardena, Rodenstock and Siemens.

Mr. Clivio lectures product design at the Università IUAV di Venezia. Additionally he was visiting professor in the USA, Germany and Finland and lectured at the University for Design in Zurich.

His works have been awarded with several international prizes.

Mr. Clivio designed the LAMY pico range and the LAMY dialog 3 twist-action fountain pen.

Hannes Wettstein

Hannes Wettstein

Hannes Wettstein, born 1958 in Ascona, Switzerland, had been a professional in design, corporate design and architectural styling.

In the 1990s he was host lecturer at academies and schools in Amsterdam, Hannover, Basel and Milan and he was lecturing at the ETH Zurich. From 1994 until 2001 he was professor at the University for design in Karlsruhe.

Since then his company zed has been cultivating and producing brands and creates the sphere for a successful brand image. zed is active in many contexts with philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, economy, ecology, precision and realism being the fundamental values. Experts of all disciplines of design belong to the zed network.

Hannes Wettstein died in 2008 but his work for Lamy lives on.

For Lamy he designed the LAMY scribble and LAMY studio range.

Richard Sapper

Richard Sapper

Richard Sapper is one of the most outstanding product designers in the world. A native of Munich, he went first to Milan where he found Italian industry to be a receptive partner for his intelligent creations – creations that combine German precision and thoroughness with Latin flair and sophistication.

Sapper´s way of thinking and working is borne out in such products as the graceful desk lamp, Tizio, the IBM think pad, Alessi´s singing kettle, countless items of furniture, clocks and watches, kitchen appliances and much, much more.

For Lamy he designed the ballpoint pen model LAMY dialog 1.

Knud Holscher

Knud Holscher

Shortly after completing his degree in architecture in the 1950s, the Danish native born in Rødby in 1930, won his first architectural competitions. And today the list of his award-winning buildings is as long as that of his many prize-winning designs.

The door handles, handrail and wardrobe systems of the internationally successful d line collection and the Quinta spotlight range from Erco are beautifully designed examples of the elegant, minimalist style with which Knud Holscher unites the aesthetic and practical aspects of a product in harmonious equilibrium.

After teaching assignments and partnerships with Arne Jacobsen, Alan Tye and the prominent Danish architects office Krohn & Hartvig Rasmussen, the great Scandinavian designer has worked in his own firm in Copenhagen since 1995.

This is where he designed the LAMY dialog 2 rollerball pen for Lamy.

Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa

When Naoto Fukasawa founded his own design office in Tokyo in 2003 at the age of 47, his reduced, playfully simple designs, such as the CD player for MUJI, were already international successes and his reputation as an outstanding representative for supernormal design had long been established.

For the "±0" brand also created by him, which mainly markets entertainment electronics and domestic appliances but also for more and more European manufacturers such as Artemide, B&B Italia and Driade, Naoto Fukasawa designs products today which initially stand out by virtue of their captivating simplicity and then impress with their cleverly devised functionality.

More than 60 international design awards, a consultancy contract with MUJI and professorships at Musashino Art University in Kodaira and Tama Art University in Tokyo represent recognition for the special way he sees things.

Naoto Fukasawa designed the LAMY noto model series for Lamy.


Gernot Bohmann, Harald Gründl and Martin Bergmann got to know each other at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. They set up their EOOS studio in 1995 and since then their design work has included flagship stores for Armani, drinking glasses for Alessi, spotlights for Zumtobel and seating for Walter Knoll.

The young lateral thinkers have won 60 international design awards with their unconventional ideas. These include the prestigious Compasso d’Oro for the ‘Kube’ seating system produced by Matteograssi and the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany in Gold for the ‘b2’ mobile workshop kitchen made by Bulthaup.

‘Poetical Analysis’ is the name of the approach they have developed with which straight-lined, clear designs that are immediately understandable and appealing are created in the EOOS studio in Vienna.

The LAMY econ writing instrument series is a fine example.

sieger design

sieger design is a full service provider for design and consultation situated under the baroque rooftops of a moated castle in Germany's Münsterland.

And it all began with Dieter Sieger – architect, boat creator and designer who has been revolutionizing bath design since the mid 80s with his concepts for Alape, Duravit and Dornbracht. He also created a whole series of award-winning designs which are still to this day considered classics.

Today his two sons Christian and Michael Sieger run this family business, following in their father’s footsteps for such clients as Conmoto, WMF, Fürstenberg as well as their own SIEGER brand. With a sense of design that has nothing to do with short-lived lifestyle and everything to do with style. They achieve extraordinary designs for everyday articles while keeping their main focus on functionality.

The LAMY scala beautifully shows this way of seeing.