Boundless creativity. Writing and sketching with the new LAMY scribble

Anyone who writes or sketches professionally needs a special writing instrument: It has to have a lead soft enough to glide over the page as the "extended arm" of the creative mind guiding it. It must sit well in the hand and be able to accommodate the special position preferred when sketching.

Lamy, the Heidelberg-based manufacturer of quality writing instruments, is proud to present the LAMY scribble, a new "sketching pencil" designed specifically for this purpose. The LAMY scribble is a mechanical pencil with 3.15 and 0.7 mm leads which is sure to prove popular among architects, designers, planners and the like. The confidence it imparts when sketching and scribbling ensues not only from the soft lead it contains but also from the numerous details which contribute to its ergonomic design.

LAMY scribble is short and chubby, for example, and the symmetrical flat surfaces in the central grip section also prevent the pencil rolling away over the desk. The clip can be removed. Without it, the LAMY scribble nestles against the hand and so promotes creativity.

Two versions of the new LAMY scribble are available: The sketching pencil has a visibly chrome-plated falling mechanism for the 3.15 mm leads while the mechanical pencil takes 0.7 mm leads. The two pencils are easy to tell apart as only the sketching pencil has flat surfaces in the grip section, while the mechanical pencil has a completely round body as well as an eraser concealed underneath the button.

Both versions of the LAMY scribble are available in two attractive finishes: The body is always made of black plastic with a matt finish. The all-black version has a chrome-plated button and clip with a black finish while the black-palladium version has a palladium-coated front section, button and clip.

The new LAMY scribble will be available from specialist retailers and the stationery departments of selected department stores as of April 2000.

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